Our year

The OCS Group Annual Review

A message from our Group CEO

"Having stabilised the performance of the business, strengthened the balance sheet,
and still invested in our serviced office business last year, 2018 is now about
formulating and agreeing our investment priorities for the future growth of OCS."



UK £589m

Asia-Pacific £371m

Rest of the world £65m

UK 25,000

Asia-Pacific 60,000

Rest of the world 2,000




As a responsible business, we believe we have both
an opportunity and a responsibility to use our footprint and convening power in the economy
and society to have a
leading voice.

Setting the agenda

Our People & Our Values

OCS is a people business. Every colleague is an ambassador of our brand and our success is determined by how we go about our business every day. Our six sustainable core values drive our culture and our ethos – to be a great place to work and to deliver great service.

From getting passengers to their flights on time at the world’s busiest airports to keeping lights on in offices large and small, we provide the essential services that keep businesses and societies running day in, day out.

Our customers

Responsible business

Our values are at the heart of what we do. When it comes to the way we work with our customers, our people, our suppliers and our communities, our ethos as a responsible business is to 'do the right thing' and in doing so achieve responsible, profitable and sustainable growth.

From the smallest of beginnings, OCS is now an

extended family that reaches around the world.

However, as our business has constantly evolved

and expanded over the last 12 decades, we have

remained true to our values and to our people.

Find out more by watching this video
or reading about our history below.

Our story begins in the year 1900 with a ladder, a pail and a pushcart. Living in London with a wife, two infants and no job, Frederick Goodliffe faces extreme poverty until he finds work with a large window-cleaning company. Within months, Frederick takes the brave decision to set up his own business – The New Century Window & General Cleaning Company.


Our heritage

In 1912 Fredrick’s oldest son, Gilbert, joins the firm
– a family connection that continues unbroken to this day with fifth-generation relatives now working for the company. The First World War hits our fledging business hard, with Gilbert joining the Army while Frederick, in his 40s, does his bit as a
special constable.


Peace sees us growing again, with new recruits including our first female supervisor. Three decades later we will celebrate another first by appointing a female MD. Meanwhile, the 1920s see us establish
a pattern for the future, with window cleaners extending their expertise into new areas.


As industrialisation gathers pace, Frederick takes the bold step of diversifying into construction and factory cleaning. He also launches a new company called Office Cleaning Services, which is the origin of our OCS initials. Taking the lead in emerging markets has shaped our business growth
ever since.


World war again devastates the family business and, within two years of its end, the family is mourning their father and grandfather, and the founder of our business. Frederick’s three sons – Gilbert, Tom and George – now take the family business forward as the dramatic growth in office building begins an exciting new era for OCS.


We invest heavily in property-related businesses but we never stop investing in our people. This commitment brings many benefits, not least loyalty and long service. And as we grow, the company asks its most trusted employees to leave their homes in London to set up new OCS sites
around Britain.


As mass immigration and automation enable Britain to grow, OCS responds to customers’ changing needs with innovative new services delivered by real people, which remains our approach to this day. From cleaning windows and offices to cleaning laundry and aircraft, this is a decade of rapid OCS expansion in the UK.


When air travel takes off, so do our aviation services. And when the business world worries about rising crime, we launch a new security service. The 1970s is also notable for two major milestones in our history – our investment in Cannon Hygiene and the creation of the
OCS Group.


As privatisation fundamentally changes the UK, we launch services for the public sector – most notably for the National Health Service. Even more significantly, we widen our business horizons – first to Europe and the Middle East, then into Asia. In particular, our highly successful partnership with PCS in Thailand is a gamechanger.


With the launch of the internet, the world becomes a smaller place. As a result, our customers’ expectations change and we again respond with new services. With economies developing rapidly in the southern hemisphere,
we invest in new opportunities in India,
Australia and New Zealand.


The World Trade Center attack in 2001 throws aviation, one of our core markets, into turmoil.
OCS identifies new opportunities including a major contract on the railways with EuroStar and a baggage-scanning service at airports. However,
the disruption of 9/11 is just the beginning…


Facing uncertainty and disruption, our customers want new business solutions. Once again, we respond. For example: we add to our range of facilities solutions; we now assist more than 2 million aviation passengers with reduced mobility around the world; and through Landmark we provide modern, flexible business space. We sell Cannon Hygiene internationally at the end of 2017 following a strategic portfolio review and choices we make on investment priorities for the future.



Our family has grown to more than 87,000 staff, thousands of pensioners, and over 150 family shareholders. A lot has changed since 1900, but our purpose remains the same: to care for our colleagues, our local communities and the environment, and to deliver outstanding service for our customers. This is the OCS way.

A message from our Group Chairman

"This year’s Annual Review underlines the importance and scale of the work we do
around the globe, and the values that drive the ongoing performance of the Group"


Our year

Setting the agenda

Our people and our values

Our customers

Responsible business

Our heritage

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